Eindhoven brainport of the Netherlands

The city of Eindhoven is situated in the heart of the Dutch high-tech region Brainport and has a rich industrial heritage. From the late 19th century onwards, Eindhoven became an industrail and technological center especially thanks to the Philips company, which started out in 1892 (in the building that now is part of the Philips Museum) and subsequently grew out into a large multinational company. To a significant degree the city co-evolved with the Philips Company – at least until the era of outsourcing and divestment – attracting employee-residents, urban expansion and housing projects, a supplier company network, social infrastructure (including the PSV football team), etc.

Philips Museum Eindhoven

Rich industrial heritage

Philips was and is also known for its large research laboratory, the Philips NatLab (1914), which became part of an international science network and acquired a reputation for fundamental and applied research in radio tubes. x-rays, gas discharge lamps, transistors, and music synthesizers, and data storage, amongst others. Today, in the age of divestment and open innovation, the NatLab premises have been transformed into the High Tech Campus hosing some 185 companies and 12.000 researchers.

In additions to Philips, the city had and has a number of other tech companies including the DAF car and trucks manufacturer (famed for the variomatic automatic transmission), VDL Group, and Philips offshoots ASML, FEI, and Neways Electronics.

DAF Museum

In recent decades, the city has made efforts to become an industrial design center, while the Brainport organization is increasingly prominent in technical, economic and social policies. Since 1956 Eindhoven hosts one of the three technical universities of the Netherlands.

Eindhoven Glow

Explore Vincent van Gogh region around Eindhoven

The city of Eindhoven is near Nuenen. The village where Vincent van Gogh was born.
Here he made his first sketches and created his first masterpiece: The Potato Eaters. Your can explore Nuenen by bike. There is a special route so you can enjoy Vincents painting from within. More info you will find at Van Gogh Village Nuenen.

Nuenen Van Gogh Village near Eindhoven

Travelling in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a small country. There is a lot to see. You can easily travel by train from Eindhoven to the centre of:

  • Amsterdam in 1.17 H
  • Utrecht in 0.48 H
  • Rotterdam in 1.03 H
  • Airport Schiphol in 1.24 H
  • Train schedule see 9292.nl/en

City of Amsterdam

A visit to The Netherlands isn’t complete without enjoying the canals of Amsterdam. They are a symbol of Amsterdam and of great cultural and historical value. You can also visit the famous museums or enjoy walking around the harbor.