The Fourth ICOHTEC Summer School will combine the 47th ICOHTEC Symposium with a three -day intensive seminar course geared to PhD students and young post-doctoral scholars. The Summer School brings together conventional seminars and the participation in the ICOHTEC Symposium. The topic of the ICOHTEC Summer School is “A History of Technology for an Age of Crisis” and it aims, in conjunction with the main thematic objectives of the ICOHTEC Symposium, to approach its theme open-mindedly and multidisciplinarily. The School enhances students’ skills to comprehend and study versatile relationships between science, society and technology.

The Summer School aims to deal with responding to the following questions:

  • In which ways have crises influenced technological change?
  • What’s the role of technology to predict, avoid or manage crisis?
  • Which technologies caused (environmental, societal etc.) crises and in which way did different societal groups try to cope with these crises?
  • What’s the role of protests and resistance against technology to cope with technologyrelated problems, to handle crises?
  • Do crises “reveal” how deep technology is embedded in society?
  • What (and whose) histories do technological crisis imaginaries and historiographies highlight and obscure?